Extra Credit #2: Amber Bemak Artist Talk

On Friday, November 30th, I attended Amber Bemak’s artist talk where she talked about her work as a filmmaker. She is currently in the selection process to become a film production professor at Emory which gives context to her extensive experience in film production from traveling the world, showing her films in countless film festivals, and even launching her own film festival in New York City. Her experience in her personal filmmaking lies in documentary film, but she has taught narrative film the most.

A quote from her lecture that stood out the most to me was “destabilize a singular voice and live in multiplicity.” I cannot remember exactly who the quote is from, but she said she uses it as a motto throughout her work as a filmmaker. She has a vast array of difference pieces in seemingly all genres, more than what she could show during the time we had in which she pushes an agenda to share unique stories of diverse people. One topic that I found to be the most interesting was “Community Media.” She used an entire community in Tibet to contribute to a film that become her most attended screening and created a massive dialogue afterwards.

I also had the incredible experience to talk with her one-on-one after her lecture to provide undergraduate feedback for the department. Since I am not a film major and do not have the academic background to discuss film, we talked about the Emory experience and she gave me a list of black queer films to watch! Overall, I truly enjoyed getting to know her and I hope to see her teaching at Emory next semester.


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