Creative Project Final: Triller Videos

I underestimated the time that it would take to plan and execute these music videos. The night before filming, I had 13 videos in mind to recreate. After several hours of filming only five videos, I had not only surpassed my limit on our class presentation time, I also was subsiding in energy and my friend was quickly losing interest in filming another video.

I used the app Triller to make the music videos. The app made the process much easier because Triller slices the clips together and adds the music on top of the video. Also, this experience was my friend’s first time filming a music video and the app made the process very straightforward for her. All she had to do was click the pink star at the bottom of the screen and film me. We did several takes of each clip and I explained to my friend how I wanted her to film me including angles and zooming. We also adjusted the lighting if necessary.

After we finished filming, I started to upload the videos to an Instagram account with Instagram filters to be as close to the original as possible. I was immediately faced with copyright infringement. This stipulation was probably the most important element I learned about recreating music videos besides the difficulty of production. I follow many Instagram accounts that post music videos and clips from artists. I tried posting my videos and they were blocked by Instagram within seconds. I tried messaging those accounts that I follow to see how they do it but none of them responded, even the ones without many followers. I even tried to screen record their posts thinking they slightly manipulated their audio files, but I was still copyrighted. Eventually, I decided to screen record the unlisted videos on the account and posted that screen recording on YouTube. I wanted to go through the Instagram account in class, but copyright laws prevented that. I am currently afraid that the video will be taken off of YouTube.

My creation of these music videos represents the term “textual interactivity” because I am expressing my connection to the music video without any direct relationship with musician (McIntosh). Also I am “learning to learn” music videos because I am not just consuming music video content but I am recreating the videos myself and further understanding the processes behind creating a music video (Kinksey).

In relation to what we have learned in class especially in the Marwick article, recreating music videos perpetuates a system of participatory media. Through digital media, consumers can further their connection to celebrities and musicians by creating their own content in relation to that artist or celebrity. I wish I was able to post the videos publicly on Instagram because I wanted to use hashtags to see if I could get public engagement on my posts from other fans of the musicians I mimicked. Overall, I truly enjoyed recreating these videos and did not expect them to be that difficult. I now have a newfound respect for the highly demanding process of creating music videos.


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